About The Wagon

About the Wagon:

Many children spend extensive amount of time in the hospital while getting treatment for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).  Often times, they are confined to their rooms with few visitors because they have weak and compromised immune systems.  However, when children are well and risks are low, they love to escape their rooms. Natalie was no different. She took every opportunity she could to get out of the room, sometimes signing to go for a walk even under light sedation.  She loved going for rides in her wagon. The little red wagon was where Natalie knew she was able to be outside of her room, and most importantly, safe from the constant doctor visits and blood draws.  The rules were that the doctor would not examine the patients outside of the room.  Natalie felt safe, secure, and free from intrusion when she was out for her rides.  We spent many hours and sometimes days in the wagon to let her rest and get sleep.  We were so thankful for the time where she could feel a sense of peace while in the hospital.  The red wagon represents safety, security and mostly, a little bit of peace in a situation that was anything but peaceful.  We hope that families will experience some of that peace with a gift of support from the Little Red Wagon Fund.  Please donate, make a difference to a family, and give them a little peace and calm during the storm; or if you know a family of a child with CHD, please encourage them to contact us.

Sometimes God doesn’t calm the storm, but He calms the child in the storm.

Thank you,
Brad and Heidi Henke