It has been a very long day and a half in Boston. Natalie got here on Tuesday, and was taken to her new temporary home in room 19, ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital. She was doing well, all things considered. That same evening, out of nowhere, she spiked a fever of 107, and her blood pressure dropped. They’re still not sure what the cause was.

I flew out as soon as I could, and finally got here yesterday just after lunch. Natalie was hardly recognizable with all the fluid that had built up within her body. Her fever subsided, but her body was unable to shed fluid. After several discussions with the surgical team, we decided to put Natalie on a heart & lung bypass machine called ECMO. This seems to have helped, as she is starting to look better, her blood pressure is back within normal range. The machine is helping her heart do its job, and the hope is that she can recover to the point where they can take her off the machine at some point. The time you can stay on the machine is limited, so we’re praying that her body will recover so that she can wait for her heart.

There is still a lot of uncertainty, and the outlook is very uncertain. But, at least we’re moving in the right direction, and we’re in a MUCH better spot than we were 24 hours ago. We really appreciate all the prayers, and they’re needed now more than ever. The next days will be very important, as she continues to shed fluid, and we find out if her kidneys are going to recover. We’ll do our best to keep you all updated.