Hi everyone,

Well, as the title suggests, we’ll be on our way back to Boston. Our surgeon in Minneapolis is leaving to begin a transplant program at the Children’s Hospital in Kansas City. Once he leaves, there will be no one in Minneapolis who can handle a transplant as complex as Natalie’s. So, since they are already familiar with Natalie at Boston Children’s, that is where we’ll go to have wait for a heart and have a transplant once one comes available.

Obviously, this isn’t what we had wanted. We like being in Minneapolis where we are closer to home, have family in town, and I can drive to Minneapolis on the weekend or take a 1 hour flight. However, this is what is best for Natalie.

The original plan was for Heidi and Natalie to leave via air ambulance tomorrow (Thursday), but Natalie spiked a fever this morning, and they are suspending those plans until Monday. That could change, but that’s the tentative plan.

Natalie has been doing well, other than coming down with a couple of infections. At this point, she’s been sedated and on a ventilator so long, that infections are inevitable. We’re praying that she can recover and get to Boston, and hopefully they can move forward and get her off the ventilator so she’s able to move and be stronger. She wants to be held and go for walks, and God knows we miss holding her and taking her for walks.

That’s the update we have for now. We will update further when we have more details and a better idea of what to expect going forward. Thank you all again for the prayers, texts, and phone calls. We appreciate them very much.