Update from Boston

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, but here we are again. Natalie had her catheter yesterday, and the news was so-so; even slightly discouraging. Dr. Marshall said that the pressures were about the same as they were when we left here in April. We were hoping they’d be better, but we’re thankful they weren’t worse.

What this means is that we wait some more. They want to give her left ventricle some more time to grow. If it does, then her pressures will come down and no more surgery will be required.

If the ventricle doesn’t grow, then we’re kinda’ back to square one. We would have two options: a transplant, or they could be revert to the single ventricle pathway, which would be a three procedure process done over a year or so. Neither option is desirable. We’ll be praying for her heart to heal over the next couple months so she can have a normal life and be done with all of this. Dr. Marshall put the chances of this happening somewhere between slim and 50-50.

We appreciate all of you who continue to pray for her and for us. Heidi and I can’t express our gratitude enough.We’ll try to be more diligent in updating this blog in order to keep you all informed on her progress. We’ll also get some pictures posted from the birthday party. It was a wet but wonderful day!