Yesterday, we got news that we’d known was possible all along, but were hoping would never come. We met with the entire team, and they are at a point where there is nothing else they can do for Natalie. Her kidneys and lungs are not going to recover to a point where they can support her body.

From the time all of this started, every decision we’ve made has been with Natalie’s best interest at the forefront. We would both do or give anything in order to give her the best chance at a full life. Now, we have to make decisions that will help her live out her remaining days in the most peace and comfort that is possible. Please pray for comfort for Natalie, we want this more than anything.

We draw comfort knowing that she will be in the arms of her Creator in heaven. She will finally know what it feels like to be comfortable and have a healthy, heavenly, body. She can walk, run, and play and do whatever she wants to do, without the limits she had on earth. I pray they have an endless supply of water for her to drink, and someone to pull her in her wagon.

She brought joy to our lives that we could have never imagined, and to the lives of everyone she came in contact with. It seems that everyone remembers her, even though some of the hospital staff see thousands of children. They remember her piggy tales and her constant need to be on the go. She traveled miles in these hospital hall ways and every one would want to stop and talk to Natalie. She is so loved., and she loved so much!

We are spending time snuggling her and loving her. Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You’re Happy and You Know It. She loves those songs.

We will try to update again, right now we’re pretty emotionally drained.

Thank you all for your prayers throughout these past couple years. Thank you also to those who have helped. Friends and family for being here with us, and for watching our dog and our house for us when we’re gone. Everyone who has prayed, called, and texted; these words of encouragement help more than you can imagine. I would name everyone, but it would take a long time, and I’m afraid I’d forget someone. So, we’ll just say thank you everyone for now.

Natalie Jean Henke
Natalie Jean Henke

Natalie Jean Henke