We’re posting this one to ask for prayers for a very nice family that we’ve gotten to know, the Scapanski family. Their little girl, Mylee, passed away last Saturday, August 30.

While you’re making your second home (temporary first home for Heidi and Natalie), you get to know others who are in the hospital. You get closer to some of them, and Mylee was definitely one of them. She was the happiest kid I’ve ever met, even though she had spent her entire life in ICU. That’s not hyperbole, she was ALWAYS smiling and happy. If you needed to get a shot of happiness, you just walked by her room and looked in. She would be playing, laughing, or jumping around in her little crib. She was just learning to walk, and was full of life, energy and joy. She was special to all who got to know her, and everyone in the ICU loved her.

Mylee had a Berlin heart, which is basically an artificial heart that does the work of your heart when your heart can’t do the work it’s supposed to do. She had this device longer than any other child has had one in America (there was one child in Germany who had one longer). A cannula had slowly deteriorated, and last Saturday, it failed. There was nothing they could do to save Mylee. Even though the nurses, doctors, and surgeons see tragedies like this far too often, you can tell that this one is different. Everyone had come to love Mylee, and losing her has been especially hard.

We ask that you pray for the Scapanski family as they go through this horrible time in their lives. Also, pray for the nurses, doctors, and everyone else who has watched Mylee grow up. She was a very special little girl.