Hi everyone,

We got some very good news this morning. As we’ve shared, we had thought that we may have to go to Boston for Natalie’s transplant. The reason for this was because the surgeon in Minneapolis, Dr. St. Louis, is leaving in October to develop a transplant program at the children’s hospital in Kansas City. If he leaves, there is nobody here who could do a transplant as complex as Natalie’s.

After speaking with Dr. St. Louis this morning, he has agreed to continue to see Natalie through and perform her transplant, even if that means traveling from Kansas City to come back to Minneapolis to do it. So, that means we can remain in Minneapolis closer to home, and where we have family. We are very grateful to Dr. St. Louis for agreeing to this, and to God for getting Natalie to this point. It is nothing short of miraculous that she is doing as well as she is, compared to where she was a week and a half ago, when they weren’t sure if she’d make it through that evening. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for her, and continue to do so.

Heidi and I are going to take a much needed break this evening and go see the Vikings final home pre-season game. We’ll post some pictures and give a report sometime soon.

Here's a pic of Natalie with her present from last week's game.

Here’s a pic of Natalie with her present from last week’s game.