Hello everyone,

Well, like the title suggests, there isn’t a whole lot of new news to share. They’re keeping Natalie asleep, and that probably won’t change for another day or two.

They let her wake a few times over the last few days, and she was a little too feisty. Her oxygen stats dropped, so they had to let her go back to sleep. It’s not unexpected, considering the amount of fluid she still has in her body. She looks much better today, so hopefully they’ll have better luck waking her tomorrow.

We’re just hanging out here with her, and getting ready to enjoy the Super Bowl on this massive 10 inch hospital TV screen (Go Broncos!). We did get out a little today to see the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides), the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill, and some of the older areas of Boston.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more news and some more exciting updates. Thanks again for the continued thoughts and prayers, we’ll update again soon.