This will be fairly short, but we’ll give a more detailed update later this evening.

Natalie has made it out of surgery, and she did really well. They made the adjustments to the pulmonary artery & aorta, tightened the PA bands, and took down the wall between the left & right atrium. They are going to keep the breastbone separated for now, just in case they need to loosen the PA bands. It will depend on how her oxygen saturation looks in the next couple of days. She is recovering now, and we’ll be able to see her in an hour or so.

She is going to be taken to the ICU, and will remain there for several days. She will be kept asleep while her body adjusts, but we will at least be able to see her and sit in the room with her. I’m guessing she will be kept in a coma for at least four days.

Like I said, this is pretty short. We’ll update later when we get up in the room with her. I’ll have Heidi update then, she’s a little more wordy than I am. Thank you everyone who has been praying and thinking about Natalie and us. We’re very thankful.