Hi everyone,

The good news is that Natalie made it through her catheter procedure today and is doing well. She’s discharged from the hospital and we’re all back at the room trying to get some rest. She REALLY needs some sleep, but other than that, she is doing fine.

The bad news is that her pressures haven’t gotten better, in fact they’ve gotten worse. This means that her current heart configuration will not work. We are meeting with her surgeon, Dr. delNido, tomorrow. We will discuss whether he thinks he can intervene surgically in order to repair her heart. If he doesn’t think he can do anything further, then we will have to come home and list her for a heart transplant.

We really won’t know much until after we meet with him, so we’ll update with more detail tomorrow evening. We just wanted to give a quick update, as we know many of our friends and family are worried and are following the situation. We’re very thankful for that, by the way.

We appreciate the continued prayers, we really do appreciate it. If you could, pray for Natalie, but also pray for wisdom for us so that we may make the correct decision for Natalie. Again, we’ll update tomorrow when we know what the final decision will be.