Happy Easter everyone!

It has been a good weekend here. I got here on Friday afternoon, and joined Heidi and Natalie at the hospital. We can’t be home, but at least we get to be together as a family. We pray for those who don’t have that luxury, especially those who are serving our country. Heidi’s parents came over here on Thursday to be with us on Easter; and her aunts, uncles, and cousins have been visiting and keeping her company. We’re very thankful to have such great people in our lives.

Natalie is doing really well. Her feeding tube went in on Thursday, and it is doing its job. She got sick on the first night, probably because they just gave her a little too much volume. She’s done really well since then, and it looks like everything is working as planned. Natalie looks really good, and is gaining weight slowly but surely. I could tell a difference in the five days I was gone. She’s been happy, and continues to be more and more vocal.

All signs are pointing to a release date of Monday or Tuesday, so we’re praying that things continue to progress so that we can be together at home sooner rather than later.

I’ll let Heidi take over since she’s the one that’s been here speaking with the doctors. She can fill you in more accurately than I can.

Well, Brad said it best. We are finally coming home again. Natalie is much improved, and you can tell that she is really feeling better. She has more energy and is much happier. We can’t wait to be home again and see the pets.

More difficult challenges are still ahead. Natalie has been placed on a constant IV of Milrinone that helps her heart beat stronger, and will help it function better until we get to Boston. We have everything set for Boston for her heart cath on April 22 and her surgery scheduled for the 25th. We are really unsure of what will take place this visit and have to trust that God is in control. So many unknowns still lie ahead.

Today we are all celebrating the risen Christ and the true sign that whatever we endure here on Earth can lead to eternal life if we choose to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is what gets us through each day. Someday we won’t have this hurt and fear. Thank you God for giving us the choice to have an eternal life with you!

Happy Easter Everyone!


See my Teeth!

See my Teeth!

Our Easter Bunny!

Our Easter Bunny!