Just a quick update to let you all know that Natalie is scheduled for her feeding tube surgery on Thursday morning. She will have an MRI, feeding tube and PICC line placed. The PICC line is a longer lasting iv that we will use to give her a new medication that will help her heart function better. It will be a constant drip to her and will be placed in her arm. Natalie will have a little pack to carry her meds in. It’s only short term until we go to Boston again on April 18th. She is set to have another heart catheterization on Monday the 22nd and a surgery date is scheduled if needed (which is probable) on April 25th. This will be another open heart for Nat. Poor baby.

I remember the docs saying that this is the best case scenario for this kind of heart defect. Boy, that seems to be so far from the truth. They told us these types of repairs are usually more difficult in the beginning, but have better long term outcomes than the single ventricle. I think they all are hard no matter what. We just pray that God will continue to heal and mold her heart so that it functions well. The main issue she is having is that her heart walls are stiff and can not expand well. The fibrous tissue constricts her heart walls in the left side. When her left ventricle is full of blood her pressures are very high.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for us and support us through this all. Nat and I have been hanging out and being goofy while we wait for Thursday to get here. Brad will be here on Friday and my parents are coming to celebrate Easter with us in Minneapolis. It will feel good to have all that support here with us.

We will keep you updated on Thursday with the how the surgery goes.

Good night all!