Hi everyone,

Today was a really great day for us. They took Natalie off of the strongest diuretic (Bumex), and it has worked wonders. She is eating much better, actually meeting the goals they set for her, and is much happier. She actually laughed today, which is something she hasn’t done since before we went to Boston in December.

Now, it’s just a matter of monitoring her and seeing if her heart pressures will stay down without the Bumex. When we tried this before in Bismarck, her pressures went up and they had to put her back on the drug. Then, the drug caused her appetite to go away, and she declined physically and mentally.

Here, they have more options available, and are able to watch more closely. They’ll try different medications if her pressures rise, and hopefully we can get something to work. She is a much happier and hungrier baby without that drug, so we are praying for this to work. This could even eliminate the need for the feeding tube. Time will tell.

That’s about all we have for today, it will be a slow day or two as we monitor Natalie. I have to head back to Bismarck tomorrow to go to work on Monday. Heidi and Natalie will hang out here in MN, and I’ll look forward to rejoining them on Friday.

Thank all of you for the prayers, please keep them coming.