Sleep! What a concept.  I haven’t gotten this much sleep since I was about 4 months pregnant; before I was up every hour to use the restroom, pump or feed Natalie.  I sleep with her puppy that she got from the Lockwood family to get it ready for Natalie.  Okay, you’re right, it’s to make me feel better:) It has been great to get a little bit of sleep.  I feel like this will help us to give better care for Natalie when she wakes up!

Speaking of waking up, today is that day for the bug!  We got here this morning and they let us know that they have taken her off the paralytic, the cooling mat that cooled her body and have removed the drain tube that was in her mouth.  Yeah!   They will keep her sedated, but removing the paralytic will let her move. This will help them to slowly test the heart and body.  Yesterday when she heard Brads voice she started to move her legs and hands, so they had to give her more paralytic to stop it. What a feisty little thing she is.  They will be watching her pressures in the left atrium to make sure they are in the normal range of 4-10.  It used to be about 14-18 before the surgery. This morning it was at 7-8 and she was doing well.  Throughout the day they will place a feeding tube in her nose and start to give her a trickle of food.  She is doing well and the nurses from OR stop to see her daily.

We are doing well. Here are a few updated photos:

Natalie's tree in her room

Natalie’s tree in her room

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Send pictures! We can put them in her room!