We wanted to keep everyone posted on the plan for today. Natalie was admitted at 7am this morning.  Let me correct that, she was checked in at 7 am and we finally got headed back to anesthesia about 8:30.  Brad toted her around the majority of the morning taking her to look at all the Christmas decorations.  I felt terrible holding her knowing that she was hungry. I felt like I was torturing her by not feeding her.  Poor little thing was so hungry.  Once we got back to anesthesia they gave her an oral sedative and then I got to snuggle her one more time before they took her back.   I know it will be way too long before I get to do that with her again.  We all got one last minute to snuggle.  Once they took her, Brad prayed for us and I felt much better.

These updates will be short as we only get a little bit of information.  They took her back at 8:45 and called with the first update at 10:15 to let us know that she had done very well with anesthesia and the Doctor del Nido had made the incision. The plan is that they will call us every hour and a half with an update. They will let us know when they put her on the heart and lung machine, and when they take her off.

We are back in the room after having a walk and some breakfast.  We are not sure what we will do all day, but I hope a nap is on the schedule somewhere.

We will keep you posted as the day goes, but they do not expect her to be out until early evening. They plan to keep her heavily sedated over the next few days so that she can heal better and rest more comfortably.

Thank you to all the friends and family and others who are praying for us.  We appreciate the time you take to think of us at this busy time of year.

Well, they called us while we were getting ready to post this. So, they put her on the heart and lung bypass machine, and just started the actual repair on her heart; everything is going well. It will be an incredibly long day, but all is well so far, so we’re thankful. We will do quick updates when we get them from the surgery room, so I’m sure we’ll post again in another couple of hours.